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SafeDistance is a free, non-profit app and website that crowdsources symptom data to help detect, predict, and prevent the spread of COVID-19, while assuring your privacy.
  • Personalized, social distancing recommendations
  • Neighborhood-level COVID-19 risk map
  • Privacy assured – no account required, you remain anonymous
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You can Help beat COVID-19: Take our health survey, know your neighborhood’s risk, and recruit others to do the same. 
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About Us

Minnesota Compass
“SafeDistance” is a free, nonprofit project sponsored by HealthPartners Institute, the independent research arm of HealthPartners, with collaborators from the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Compass, and Modern Logic, LLC, a digital innovation startup based in Minneapolis. As concerned citizens, we are working together to provide you with effective social distancing recommendations to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
About Us

How It Works:
Crowdsourcing COVID-19

You can help fight the spread of COVID-19.

Using SafeDistance researchers detect, predict, and prevent the spread COVID-19, while maintaining your privacy.

Symptom Survey

Just answer a series of quick, simple questions about your symptoms or the symptoms of a loved one – all while maintaining your privacy. You can remain completely anonymous: no account required, and we won’t ask you for any identifying information. SafeDistance is a nonprofit project for the common good, and we will never sell your data.

for you

We use the latest medical information to provide personalized, local recommendations about risk, health, and social distancing. Recommendations are given in a series of “tiers,” ranging from the lowest level of risk in tier one (still includes lots of hand washing!) to tier six recommendations to seek medical care and self-quarantine. The detailed mapping can also help people decide what level of risk is involved in visiting certain areas.

Our Neighborhood Approach

COVID-19 Symptom map for you and your community

We aggregate the location and symptoms information you share anonymously to the neighborhood level to provide recommendations to help you and your community make more informed decisions.
Most current tracking maps only break COVID-19 data down to the county level, which is not local enough to help most people and not detailed enough to help public health officials contain outbreaks or target resources. And because most tracking maps only report cases confirmed by testing, they only represent a fraction of the infections actually spreading across the country.
SafeDistance provides data down to the level of people’s “neighborhoods,” or Census Block Groups, with around 1,000 people in each neighborhood. The neighborhood approach was chosen because with groups of around 1,000 people in each “neighborhood”, the areas with reported symptoms are too big to invade anyone’s privacy, but small enough to be genuinely useful to both users and experts.


Your privacy is assured. Our approach is entirely opt-in because we value your privacy. Users do not need to create an account and are never asked for personal, identifying information – even your location is kept anonymous. To ensure user privacy, two separate organizations divide the data processing. We are funded by donations and grants and will not sell your data to a third party.
Donate Your Data: It’s safe, easy and crucial to fighting COVID-19. Please help us crowdsource location and symptom data. Better data is our best weapon against the coronavirus.

Support our work. Together we can fight COVID-19.

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