What data is collected?2020-04-23T21:07:21+00:00

SafeDistance doesn’t collect any identifying data. Your health survey is anonymous and is aggregated to the “neighborhood level” on your device so we do not transmit any point location data. The “neighbhorhood level” is a Census Block Group, which is a recognized standard for aggregating demographic data will maintaining privacy.

Furthermore, the information obtained has been reviewed by a number of HIPAA experts that are in agreement that none of the information stored is identifying data and passes HIPAA requirements.

Who manages my data and why is that important?2020-04-23T21:07:50+00:00

Your data is managed by HealthPartners Institute the non-profit research institute of the non-profit health system HealthPartners.

What is Moden Logic’s role in SafeDistance and data stora2020-04-23T21:08:08+00:00

Modern Logic is the technical support for this project, which includes organizing volunteer and non-volunteer developers, designers, and testers. Grants and donations are organized through HealthPartners Foundation or individual researchers at the University of Minnesota. Some of that funding is provided to Modern Logic as a contract vendor to build, organize, and support the SafeDistance project. 

How do I access, review, correct, or delete my data?2020-04-23T21:08:29+00:00

SafeDistance doesn’t store any personally identifiable information. Data is aggregated to the neighborhood level so once it is provided it is not able to be separated from the other aggregated data. Some data, such as your survey answers, are stored temporarily on your device and can be deleted by deleting the app/clearing your browser cache.

What happens to my data after the COVID-19 Pandemic?2020-04-23T21:08:54+00:00

The data collected by SafeDistance is similar to publicly available Census data, which is stored for use by researchers. Similarly, SafeDistance anonymous and aggregated data will be stored for research use and made available to researchers who complete an Institutional Review Board review.

What makes this different from the other COVID tracking apps out there?2020-04-23T21:09:13+00:00

Our neighborhood approach. SafeDistance uses anonymously aggregated data to create neighborhood level data maps of confirmed cases, crowdsource symptom data, and foot traffic data to give you the most precise data to identify hotspots in your neighborhoods.

What Governments, Universities, Agencies, and Healthcare Institutions back SafeDistance?2020-04-23T21:09:30+00:00

HealthPartners Institute, Modern Logic, and STG. SafeDistance has also partnered with 11 healthcare professionals and researchers to help improve the model used to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

What model is used to create neighborhood level maps?2020-04-23T21:09:47+00:00

SafeDistance uses crowdsourced symptom data, confirmed cases by county, and foot traffic hotspot data as well as other publically available data to show where in your city or neighborhood there is a growing number of cases and which public locations have high foot traffic levels.

How often is the neighborhood level map updated?2020-04-23T21:10:08+00:00

The neighborhood risk model will be updated daily. Individual datasets within the model are updated at different rates.

Who should I contact with feedback on the mobile or web app?2020-04-23T21:10:24+00:00

See contact us page